Interconnected Visual Dialogs

Throughout our sketch books, our artists will create Interconnected Visual Dialogs, like Collective Visual Exquisite Corpse. Each artist receiving our sketch book can read it first, understand the work done by any previous artists and then produce his own “sentence” from his own perspective and visual language, to complete that interconnected visual dialog.


 The sketch book will include the instructions along with an envelope and stamps, so once his work is finished the artist can send the sketch book to the next person.


Through his work, each artist will reveal his own “personal territory”, the place he lives, the people he interacts with, and maybe give us a glance of his own intimate space or answers question such as: where does happiness or fear or proud lands within that territory?



Each artist will also have the option to include on his section a folded piece of paper, explanation his motivation or process in exploring his own territory, adding opening questions or remarks. It will be up to the next artist to answer these questions or add new one to the sketch book.


 That visual dialog about territory will be also published on our social platform to invite people around the world to participate and add their own spin to the concept. On our facebook page, each artist will have his dedicated space to showcase more of his work, add items to our online store and interact with our fans.